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Подвійне сферичне гумове з'єднання має велику довжину, але великий ефект

Час: 2022-12-27 Переглядів: 15

Double-flange rubber joint has the advantages of high impact strength, high mechanical properties, good durability and strong bending ability, which reduces the crushing problem in construction and application. Double flange rubber joint has good low noise and long service life. Graphite in cast iron acts as a buffer for the oscillation energy and blocks the transmission of oscillation energy between grains. Secondly, it has flexible seismic resistance. The linear expansion coefficient of the double-flange rubber joint is relatively low, so the elastic amount of the double-flange rubber joint itself is very small due to the influence of the ambient temperature. The flexible interface structure of the double-flange rubber joint makes it have high elasticity resistance, bending deformation ability and seismic resistance ability. The double-flange rubber joint has very high water pressure resistance, external pressure resistance and impact resistance. The double-flange rubber joint is applicable to piping engineering under various conditions.

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