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Загальний варіант використання сталевого компенсатора та гумового з’єднання

Час: 2022-12-27 Переглядів: 15

Інструкції з Інсталяції:

1.It is strictly prohibited to install the rubber flexible joint beyond the displacement limit during installation.

2.When the rubber joint is installed horizontally, in the air and vertically, the actual working axial displacement pressure of the rubber joint is less than the supporting force of the pipe, otherwise, the anti-pulling device should be installed to prevent the pressure pulling out during the work.

3.The pipeline must have fixed support or fixed bracket, and the force of the fixed bracket must be greater than the axial force. During vertical installation and overhead installation, both ends of the product shall be installed with corresponding fixed support and stress support to prevent pulling off after working under pressure.

4.The mounting bolts shall be tightened symmetrically and gradually to prevent local leakage.

5. Keep away from heat sources during installation, and do not use media that do not meet the requirements of this product.

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